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The aim of of our project is to develop, test and disseminate new innovative, deeply trans-disciplinary pedagogical methods in teacher training of the fields of STEAM and beyond.  Based on a recently developed Poly-Universe tool we intend to build a new, module-based educational framework of improving disciplinary and transversal skills of future teachers, and stimulate.

The project was supported by the European Commission. Published in the Communication does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

PUNTE is your language

PUNTE is your language

About the PUNTE project in English, Hungarian

PUSE Methodology

Learn about PUSE Methodology! If you sign up for the site, you can also browse and download the book in English and Hungarian.

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Treasury & Forum

The Poly-Universe game is based on three basic elements. Learn the rules of the game, register as a Member, download the tasks from the Treasury and write Your experiences in the Forum.

PUSE Registration

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PUSE Tresury

The download page of Poly-Universe.

PUSE Forum

The discussion platform for PUSE society.

PUNTE Partners

From Our Events

Events and Meetings are ongoing in the framework of the PUNTE Erasmus+ program.

ICME14 – The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education Shanghai, 11th ‒18th July, 2021

ICME14 - The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education Shanghai, 11th ‒18th July, 2021 National Presentation: Mathematics Education in…

Online Conference of the Methodological Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

THe Poly-Universe group had a section on the online conference of the HAS, where several lectures were presented by the…

Scientists on the spot – Talk with János SAXON Szász and Eleonóra Stettner

Here is a new proof that mathematics is a nice and adventurous science. We can see that the easter egg,…


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