ICME14 – The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education

Shanghai, 11th ‒18th July, 2021


National Presentation: Mathematics Education in Hungary


Topic Study Group 15:
How can Poly-Universe Sets Develop Creativity During the Solution of Combinatorial Exercises?; Present by Stettner Eleonóra, Szabina Tóth

Topic Study Group 23 (Visualization in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics):
PUSE (Poly-Universe in School Education) Methodology, Visual Experience Based Mathematics Education; Present by Zsuzsa Dárdai, János Szász SAXON

Workshop 10:
Poly-Universe & Lénárt Sphere: Manipulatives from Hungary; Present by Zsuzsa Dárdai, István Lénárt, János Szász SAXON, Eleonóra Stettner, Réka Szász, Szabina Tóth


Poster: PUSE (Poly-Universe in School Education)

Poly-Universe Ltd, Szokolya, Hungary


PUSE e-learning trial version available


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