Science holidays manifestation is traditionally organized by Johannes Kepler University Linz in aim to provide an opportunity to kids and teens to explore science. At this event this year PUNTE project was presented. The workshop titled “Poly-universe, connecting math and art“ was organized for students and their teachers.  The workshop was held on 29 and 30 July, 2021. A total of 60 students, ages from 6 till 15, and eight of their teachers participated in the workshops.

The workshop was divided into two parts. The first part of the workshops was dedicated to the presentation and introduction of the PUNTE project, Poly-Universe game and the PUSE methods to the participants. In the second part of the workshop students and teachers get a chance to interact with the Poly-universe game, and create different shapes and objects. During the practical activities, participants were divided into the pairs. Each pair received a set of the Poly-Universe toolkit and and a copy of the PUSE methodology book. Students and teachers had the possibility to explore the toolkit, methodology book, and through playing to create shapes, objects to explore geometry and measurement, geometry and drawing and so on. Participants were inspired by the Poly-universe game, and they created different geometrical shapes, but as well as objects in the shape of animals, plants and similar.

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