As a local multiplier event we were invited by Emese K. Nagy, director of the Pedagogical Institute of the University of Miskolc to give an overview about the main outcomes of the project. At first, Ilona Téglási has presented the PUNTE Study and the task repository of the collected “Good practices” to the colleagues of the Pedagogical Institute. Then we have been talking about the building up of the PUNTE courses, the results of the pilot courses, and the research we have made about the motivation of the student teachers. After the presentation there was a less formal talk between us, about how these kinds of courses can help the students to be motivated in using different tools in their teaching practice, and to be more res

ponsible for their future work.

After a short break János Szász Saxon, Zsuzsa Dárdai and Ilona Téglási made a workshop for student teachers of special needs children. First, they were getting acquainted with the Poly-Universe game, as “free play”. Then we’ve offered different tasks and games for team-work. They were working together in small groups of 3-4 members. After the first hour it was good to see, that some creative students had already got their own ideas.

We can say, that this multiplier event was successful, as most of the participants felt, that the game and the new, innovative teacher training courses were interesting and worth to deal with in the future.

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