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In a bid to offer adult smokers a broader selection of options to transition away from combustible cigarettes, Juul announced that Menthol Juulpods will be hitting approved retailers and the Juul website later this month. These new additions will join Juul UK's existing portfolio of flavors, including Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Golden Tobacco, and Alpine Berry. With a focus on providing alternatives to traditional cigarettes and addressing the issue of underage use, Juul Labs aims to combat smoking-related diseases, which account for nearly 96,000 deaths annually in the UK.

The Importance of Less Harmful Nicotine Products

While the ideal solution for smokers is to quit combustible cigarettes altogether, the reality is that not everyone can or will do so. Recognizing this, Juul Labs believes it is crucial to provide access to potentially less harmful nicotine products as a step towards harm reduction. The company acknowledges the staggering number of deaths caused by smoking-related diseases and emphasizes the need to explore alternatives. By offering Menthol Juulpods, Juul aims to present adult smokers with choices that could facilitate their transition away from traditional cigarettes.

Meeting the Demand for Menthol and Crushball Cigarettes

It is estimated that approximately 1.7 million adult smokers in the UK currently smoke menthol or crushball cigarettes, accounting for a quarter of all UK adult smokers. This significant statistic highlights the demand for menthol-flavored products in the market. Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) like Juulpods provide a variety of flavors and alternative options that can help individuals reduce their dependence on combustible cigarettes. Juul Labs, along with the ENDS category as a whole, is dedicated to phasing out combustible cigarettes and ushering in a new era of reduced harm and increased choice for smokers.

Commitment to Age Verification and Retailer Training

Juul Labs remains committed to its 'Challenge 25' age verification policy, which ensures that only individuals aged 18 and above can purchase their products. By investing in retailer training programs and conducting mystery shopping audits, Juul aims to maintain the integrity of their age verification measures. This approach helps safeguard against underage access to their products and reinforces their dedication to responsible marketing practices.

Availability and Pricing

Menthol Juulpods will be available in a convenient four-pack, priced at £10.99. This competitive pricing aims to make the transition to less harmful alternatives more accessible and affordable for adult smokers. By providing Menthol Juulpods in approved retailers and on the Juul website, Juul Labs ensures that smokers can easily find and purchase these products, further expanding their options for harm reduction.


Juul Labs' introduction of Menthol Juulpods marks a significant step forward in the mission to provide adult smokers with alternatives to combustible cigarettes. With the potential to reduce harm and combat smoking-related diseases, these menthol-flavored pods offer a wider range of choices to meet the preferences and needs of UK adult smokers. By emphasizing responsible marketing practices, age verification policies, and ongoing investment in retailer training, Juul Labs aims to create a safer environment for the consumption of nicotine products.


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