“The Poly-Universe in Teacher Training Education (PUNTE) project was launched in September 2020, supported by the European Commission Strategic Partnerships Framework. The aim of the project is to develop innovative, transdisciplinary pedagogical methods that are primarily related to a revolutionary educational tool, called Poly-Universe. With this PUNTE Methodological Handbook, the reader obtains a study volume that presents the possibilities of introducing and applying the Poly-Universe kit in teacher training, in the spirit of striving for completeness.

The birth of the Poly-Universe toolkit itself is the result of a fundamentally art-driven concept, which, however, in addition to aesthetic aspects, opened up new perspectives first in the teaching of mathematics and then in further disciplines. Today, we can declare that the Poly-Universe kit has become part of everyday life in many primary and secondary schools. The aim of this volume is to facilitate the incorporation of this everyday practice into teacher training higher education and the transfer of methodological foundations to teachers and teacher candidates.”